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June 3, 2020

The Saugatuck Scoop

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Saugie’s Checklist:

  • TODAY is Wacky Wednesday - please visit your child’s PE Google Classroom
  • Complete Parents Distance Learning Survey - deadline NOON TODAY
  • Reopening of Schools Steering Committee meeting is TODAY at 2pm
  • Submit your PTA expenses!
  • Next BOE Meeting is June 8th
  • Pick up and Collection Days - June 8th and 9th
  • 5th Grade Moving Up Parade - June 10th

Brought to You by the PTA . . . 
School Year 2020 - 2021 PTA Slate
CLICK HERE to view the approved PTA Slate for School Year 2020-21.

Last Call for Reimbursements!
Absolutely LAST CALL for all PTA expense reimbursements. If you incurred expenses as a Committee Chair, all receipts must be submitted to Monique Lions-Greenspan (moniquelions@me.com) by THIS FRIDAY.

Board Of Education Update . . .
The Reopening of Schools Steering Committee will have its weekly meeting, TODAY Wednesday, June 3rd, at 2pm. The meeting agenda can be found HERE. This meeting will be held electronically and live streamed on westportps.org and shown on Optimum Government Access Channel 78 and Frontier Channel 6021.

Parents Distance Learning Survey
Please take a moment to fill out the survey HERE from the Superintendent's Office with regards to distance learning. Your feedback and perspectives are incredibly valuable as they aim to further develop and improve the distance learning program for our students. Survey inputs are due by noon TODAY Wednesday, June 3rd. If you have multiple children, please fill out the survey for each child.

Next BOE meeting is Monday, June 8 at 7pmCLICK HERE for the meeting agenda. This meeting will be held electronically and live streamed on westportps.org and shown on Optimum Government Access Channel 78 and Frontier Channel 6021.

The SES Scene . . .
Pick Up and Collection Days
On Monday, June 8th, and Tuesday, June 9th families will be allowed to retrieve belongings and return borrowed library books and classroom books. Chromebooks will be returned at a different time. Before heading to the school, please gather all library books, and classroom books/book bags to be returned, and place them in disposable bags; mark these bags “Library” or with each classroom teacher’s name. Finally, please write your last name clearly on a sheet of paper and be prepared to display that sign as you drive into the side drop off loop.  

At your assigned date and time (see below) please enter the side loop, while remaining in your vehicle.  As you pull up to the first station, you will be instructed to leave your car and place bags of books to be returned in the proper receptacles. One adult per vehicle should exit the car and should do so quickly and efficiently; no children should exit the vehicle. After returning books, please pull forward to the final station and retrieve your child’s personal bag of items. Should you also wish to review the Lost and Found collection, you may do so by driving to the front of the school where items will be on display.

Please see Mrs Messler’s email for full details.

Monday, June 8th -  

Time Frame Last Name 
8:30-9:30 A-B
9:45-10:45 C-D
11-12 E-F
12:15-1:15 G-H
1:30-2:30 I-K

Tuesday, June 9th - 

Time Frame  Last Name 
8:30-9:45 L-M
10-11 N, O, P, Q
11:15-12:15 R-S
12:30-1:30 T-Z

Last Chance to Order Back-to-School Supplies
Order your school supplies for next year! The District will again be using the services of SchoolKidz and their Teacher Tailored back-to-school supply kit program. The items in each kit have been selected by Saugatuck Elementary School teachers and are the same items in the supply lists that are posted on our school website. SchoolKidz offers very competitive pricing of $30 for each kit. Kits will be delivered directly to your child’s classroom in a reusable storage box ready for use on the first day of school. The deadline to order online is NEXT Wednesday, June 10th.
Please follow these steps to make your order:
1. Go to shopttkits.com 
2. Enter the account number 19683
3. Choose the appropriate grade level kit, i.e. the grade your child will be entering in the fall.
4. Enter your child’s first and last name.
5. Add to cart; confirm your order, checkout and pay with your credit card.

No SES family will be denied school supplies due to the inability to pay. Contact Mrs Messler at emessler@westportps.org for financial support. For general questions about SchoolKidz ordering, email Carmela Cerulo at ccerulo@westportps.org

Sustainable Saugie . . . 
What’s all the buzz about Pollinator Pathways? Pollinators like hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies are vital to food sources, but they have a difficult time finding food and shelter. Sustainable Saugie says: Create ‘stepping stones’ for pollinators in your yard to help pollinators find their way. Start by avoiding pesticides and other lawn chemicals that kill native insects. Next, find out which native plants suit your available green space and start planting. CLICK HERE to learn more.

All Around Town . . .
Westport Rocks
Have you heard about Westport Rocks? You are invited to paint a rock and leave it for a friend, family member or stranger to find. After you paint a rock (or if you find a rock), send in a photo to share on Instagram and the website. And, if you are in need of any supplies, email westportctrocks@gmail.com - there is extra paint and varnish and they will happily arrange a contactless pick up! For more information CLICK HERE to visit the website, follow @westportrocks on Instagram or email them at westportctrocks@gmail.com

Community Bell Ringing Every Wednesday, 5PM
In an effort to stay connected while apart, we will continue our new tradition of community bell ringing on Wednesday nights.

A Scoop of Thanks to . . . 
All the parents who joined the PTA General Meeting, and Eric LawrenceRaeAnne LockeSandy Rodriguez and Jessica Carey for speaking.     

The Final Funny . . .
Why did the teacher go to the beach? 
To test the water!

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