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Online Directory

Immediate access to the Online Directory is one of the many benefits of joining the PTA. Online Directory information includes the name, address, phone numbers (home and cell) and email addresses of families within our school, as well as teacher and staff, phone numbers, email contacts and class lists. Each family has the ability to customize and update their personal information at any time – no more outdated phone numbers or addresses! Home phone numbers and addresses are automatically included for all families unless you request to not have your information shown. Contact the Directory Chair to do this. If you have students in multiple schools, you will be able to access all of the Online Directories for those schools in one place. It is easy and seamless!

PTA membership allows access to the Online Directory on multiple devices: computers, tablets and smart phones. When you access the Online Directory on your smart phone it provides for one touch calling and GPS directions. Simple step by step instructions on registration, navigation and creating a quick link on your smart phone can be found through the Online Directory Help link below.

Click Here to Access the SES PTA Online Directory Sign Up

The Directory Chair can also assist you with any problems you may be having accessing the Online Directory.